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Letter of Protest to the Mori Art Museum

 Since last November, the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo has been holding an exhibition “Aida Makoto 天才でごめんなさい[Sorry for being a genius] Monument For Nothing.” We are concerned that many of Aida’s works are pornographic, some even using realistic abusive images of girls aged around 12-16.

 Official Website of the Mori Art Museum (English)

 Aida’s Interview and his works (English /Warning: Very explicit images including mutilation, child pornography paintings: But later these works were deleted from this cite)

 One series of paintings which title is “Dog” is especially brutal since the main protagonist is a young girl who is mutilated both her hands and shins and completely naked except a collar around her neck. In one picture, she is sitting behind a pet dish smiling as if she is happy in this sexually abusive situation.

 There are other (child) pornographic images such as “Eatable Girl Mimi” series in which the girls are sliced, roasted, chilled and forced to lay salmon eggs from her vagina by a set of huge male hands. In “Harakiri School Girls,” the girls are spilling their gut while smiling. In “Blender,” countless women and girls are minced.

 These paintings are clearly degrading women and girls and therefore, should not be displayed in public museums. It is not an artistic approach for criticizing inequality or violence since Aida is filming himself naked and masturbating to letters of “Bishoujo [Beautiful girls]” on the wall. By doing this, he openly admits that he has pedophilic appetite towards girls and the Mori Art Museum is allowing him to exploit women and girls.

 Aida and the staffs of the Mori Art Museum place one picture of “Dog” series, in which the mutilated girl’s public area is vividly drawn, and the whole set of “Eatable Girl Mimi” series in a small room named “the Room for 18 years-old or older.”

 We strongly protest to the Mori Art Museum, Makoto Aida, and the Grand Hyatt Hotel Tokyo, which collaborating with the exhibition, to stop the commercial exploitation of women and girls.

 Please join in our campaign and send emails to below addresses. Let them know that Aida’s works are not art or a challenge against puritanical morals. It is pure and old sex discrimination and violating women and girl’s rights.

The Mori Art Museum

Tel : +81-3-5777-8600 (HELLO DIAL)
8:00-22:00 (Everyday)
Email :

The Mori Art Museum

Public Relations, Mori Art Museum
Tel: 03-6406-6111
Fax 03-6406-9351
10:00-18:00 (Weekdays only)
Email :

The Grand Hyatt Hotel Tokyo
TEL: +81 3 4333 1234 FAX: +81 3 4333 8123

TEL 03-5320-7725
FAX  03-5388-1233

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