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The motive of our foundation

The publication of one book which was titled “Hito-wa-mina-hadaka-ni-naru”(everyone goes naked) as part of a  ¹“YorimichiPan!Se” series from the well-known publishing company ²Riron-sha, which had been producing high-quality books for children for decades was the motive for our foundation. This book is adopting Bakushi-shi Yamashita as its writer and in that book he is speaking of sex for the adolescent. He is a notorious maker of extremely violent Japanese adult videos (called AV hereafter). Against this outrage, the voice of objections arose from the field of women’s protection facilities. Having been triggered by this incident, we reached  the recognition that this is not the simplistic problem of one publishing company’s injudicious act, but the problem of our society itself which is both approving and ignoring of the widely prevailing sexual violence against women and children.

In the women’s protection facilities which is the core of this protection movement, women who have had destroyed their lives by being involved in domestic violence, the sex industry, and sexual violence continuously gather for re-constructing their lives. Since the staffs in these fields had been seeing the reality  those women face with their own eyes, they had been feeling the need of enlightenment towards society for not making more victims. And they felt with an urgent sense that this Riron-sha problem which had occurred in such situation was not the single publisher’s problem.

The signature movement towards Riron-sha was carried out by mostly interested people in those institutions from September-December 2008, and 10,000 signatures had been collected from all parts of the country. The specific point of this signature movement was the incorporation not only of women’s protection facilities but also child home institutions and intellectually disabled facilities. This resulted from the fact that the considerable number of victims of pornography, sexual buying and selling, and sexual violence gathered in those institutions.


 Adding the researchers, social activists and other interested people who had been tackling pornography and child pornography issues to those people who are being engaged in support in the field of social welfare institutions, we launched “People Against Pornography and Sexual Violence” in May 1st, 2009.

(Currently, Riron-sha has re-established the management and they differ in their position for the book by Bakushishi-Yamashita from the old management).


¹ The sub-culture series for the young adolescent that old Riron-sha had published. Currently, East-Press, another publishing company is publishing reissue and advance of the old Riron-sha version.

² Japanese publisher which was established in 1947, based in Tokyo. For decades, they had put emphasis on the publication of children’s literature.

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