Board of Directors

Organization for pornography and sexual exploitation survivors (PAPS) aims to debate, to investigate, and to consider the variety of human-rights violations and sexual violence issues which are occurring through or affected by the production, distribution and consumption of pornography. We put our aim to appeal this issue to society widely as well as to carry out the support for the victims who are being hurt by the harms of pornography. People such as workers of women’s protection facilities, child home institutions, school social workers, professionals of university education, writers, lawyers who are knowledgeable in matters of sexual violence and sexual harm, supporting staffs of human-trafficking victims are participating here at PAPS. We make use of our special knowledge of each field in tackling the various matters of sexual violence.

Chief Director
Ms. Kazuna Kanajiri

I’m involved in consultation support at PAPS. By the advent of the internet society, a different phase of sexual violence and sexual harm is now occurring. I am confronting various issues of “digital sexual violence” such as consulting support for those who are facing difficult issues in adult video appearance and the sex industry, as well as consulting support for revenge-pornography/child-pornography. I am from a totally different field (network and systems engineer) from consulting support. I want to make use of my background knowledge to tackle this issue.

Sub-Chief Director

Mr. Hiroshi Nakasatomi   (Teacher at University)

 Among the activities of PAPS is the investigation of the actual conditions of the harms of pornography, and also outreach,  consultation and support activity for victims. I am an amateur in consultation and support, but I want to endeavor to investigate the actual conditions of the harms and outreach towards society. Also, adult videos as sexual exploitation and the sex industry are the responsibility of the side of people who exploit, and that is to say: men. I want to work on this matter from the point of view of adult videos and the sex industry as an “issue for men”.


Ms. Minori Kitahara (Writer/ delegate of Love and Peace Club)

PAPS has been tackling this issue before victims raised their voices by assuming that there must be such voices of harm contrary to the silence of now and then. And after a few years, a voice seeking help reached PAPS. In response to this, the voices of claiming that “I’m also the victim” have been raising continuously. I think that the voices of the victims of sexual violence are “being heard” only when there are people who wish to hear their voices. Based on the thought that there’s a need for an organization which is capable of support in a concrete way by receiving the raised voices including those forced to be silent until now and unheard voices, I relate to PAPS in this occasion of its NPO establishment.


Ms. Chiyoko Yokota (Director of the women’s protection facility Izumi-ryo)

Among the users of women’s protection facilities, there are women who were forced to see pornography by perpetrators. If they don’t comply with demands for humiliating sexual acts, they receive violence. There are increasing materials of the cruelty of tormenting women in the films of pornography. Women are forced to do the same things as those videos. Women are being placed in situations of domination. The activities of PAPS don’t overlook such things, but confronts the problems directly. Earnestly believing that someday this trend will change the society!

Megumi Oka


Mr. Yudo Tsuneoka


International adviser
​Ms. Caroline Norma