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AV damage, Revenge porn, etc.
We send speakers and lecturers from the counseling and support field

NPO PAPS (NPO Association for Pornography Damage and Sexual Violence) is an organization that provides consultation and support for those who are troubled by the porn industry, those involved in the sex industry, and "digital sexual violence" such as revenge pornography, voyeurism, and child pornography. The organization dispatches lecturers from the field of consultation and support. Please take advantage of this service.

Lecture Topics

Basics to protect yourself

Revenge Porn, Sexual Voyeurism, Child Pornography

We will provide an easy-to-understand explanation of the hidden functions of smartphones and how Internet searches work. Through case studies, participants will learn how sexual images are spread and the current situation of being disadvantaged in the future. The course aims to explain the psychological situation that makes it difficult to answer ambiguously or refuse when asked by the opposite sex to take sexual photos or film them, and to work together to think about how to refuse.


Damage to AV and the Sex Industry

By learning about the realities of pornography and the sex industry, we aim to deepen our understanding of the disparity in bargaining power between young women and sexually exploitative businesses, as well as the disparity in the quality and quantity of information. I will not fall for it, I am fine! The more you think you are, the more likely you are to be victimized. Even if they try not to get involved, operators will approach young women in a variety of ways. We all have weaknesses, and if you are a young woman, even your dreams and hopes can be a weakness. If you are a young woman, even your dreams and hopes can be a weakness.

How to respond to the damage

Revenge Porn, Sexual Voyeurism, Child Pornography

We provide explanations on how to respond to customers when they ask for advice on damage, based on case studies.

The course will deepen learning about various methods, making full use of Internet technology and the law, regarding laws to remedy damage, methods to identify perpetrators, and requests for deletion. In the course for counselors, role-plays, group discussions and role-plays will be conducted to master consultation assistance techniques in digital sexual violence.


Victimization of AV and sex industry

This course explains the counseling support for those who are involved in pornography and sex industry and face troublesome problems, and discusses what kind of support can actually be provided. We will also explain the psychology of young women who are unable to consult with their family or friends because of their sexual problems and are left on their own. Participants will deepen their knowledge on how to respond to family members and acquaintances who ask for help.

In the course for counselors, through role-plays and group discussions, participants will acquire counseling and assistance skills for sexual violence that occurs in the sex industry and digital sexual violence.

Handouts and Presentation Images

Young women are being targeted by the explosion of smartphones and increasingly sophisticated sexual exploitation businesses. At PAPS, we will explain the current situation of damage as seen from the consultation site and the knowledge (digital literacy) to avoid or prevent problems, with slides to introduce the knowledge. In the course for supporters, role-plays and group discussions based on consultation cases will be conducted to deepen learning about digital sexual violence and its social work practices while staying close to the counselors and accompanying them.

The course is designed for a group of 5 or more people,

and will last 1-2 hours.

[Please take the course in the following cases]

Courses for junior high school, high school, and university students, training courses for counselors, and events for general participants

[Required Equipment]

Screen, projector, projector cable

Meet the Instructors


kazuna kanajiri


In 2004, she began a social activism campaign to raise public awareness of the seriousness of pornography, including adult videos, and to work on various issues surrounding sexuality. In the process, she came to realize that many women, children, and sometimes even men are hurt by the sex industry, but cannot report the damage.

Since 2012, the online society has caused sexual violence and sexual harm of a different dimension than ever before, and she is involved in counseling and support for those who have faced problems with pornography and the sex industry, as well as counseling and support for victims of revenge pornography and child pornography, and other "digital sexual violence".

Megumi Oka


During her college years, she has planned and executed study tours to Cambodia to conduct research on sex tourism in Southeast Asia, including fieldwork, and to raise awareness of child prostitution, and has appealed to society in Japan about the seriousness of sexual exploitation (sex tourism) in the region.

In graduate school (M.A.), she was a member of the Graduate School of Community-Based Global Studies, where I conducted research on trafficking in persons for sexual exploitation in Indonesia.

From 2014, she took charge of a counseling project for victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking in persons at another non-profit organization. As a consultant, she has been involved in advocacy activities to resolve issues of sexual exploitation, including coercion to perform in adult films.

She has been a steering committee member of the Network Against Trafficking in Persons (JNATIP) from 2014 to the present.

Examples of lecturer and guest speaker appearances
  1. Human trafficking by sex industry and its support (Ridirava Tour)

  2. Questioning Violence in Society (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

  3. Questioning the Violence of Society: Proposals for an "Inclusive Society" (School Project Symposium organized by the Japan Society of Social Work)

  4. Victims Who Have Begun to Speak Out (Memorial Day Symposium)

  5. Workshop/Issue of Coercion to Perform in AV (NEC Gender Equality Promotion Forum)

  6. The Problem of Coercion to Perform in AV - Mediated Desire, Traded Bodies - Sex Trafficking and Digital Sexual Violence in Korea and Japan

  7. (Korea Central University)

  8. Social Welfare to Create "Change": Field Division, Resource Development, and Social Action (Social Welfare Seminar of the Japan Railway Workers' Association)

  9. Girls Forced to Perform in Porn: A Mouth of Silence Opened (Wako University, Anthropology of Sexuality)

  10. Difficulties in providing specialized support for pornography victims (National Shelter Net subcommittee)

  11. Digital Sexual Violence (Chigusa Dormitory (Women's Protection Facility), Gifu Prefecture)

  12. Newly emerged human rights issues (Kanagawa Prefecture Employees' Union Women's Club)

  13. Girls forced to appear in pornography - The government is finally making a move (Tokyo Medical and Dental University M&D Center Seminar)

  14. Is Pornography Damage One's Own Responsibility? ~(Peace Boat and Korea Environment Foundation collaboration short cruise)

  15. Supporters' Training Course / Consultation Support for Forced to Perform in AV (hosted by NPO SEAN)

  16. Women forced to appear in adult films: A silent mouth opened (class for fourth-year students at Taisho University)

  17. Campaign to Eliminate Violence Against Women: Considering Sexual Victimization/Forced to Perform in Adult Videos

  18. (Kurume City Gender Equality Center)

  19. Sexual Exploitation in Japan (lecture and exchange of opinions) (for JICA trainees, for Southeast Asian traffickers and staff)

  20. Considering the AV Problem, Sexuality of Young People: Coercion to Perform in AV and JK Business (Kitakyushu Gender Equality Center)

  21. Current Status and Issues of "Violence against Women" Policies (Kanagawa Municipal School Subcommittee)

  22. Thinking about Pornography Victimization and Sexual Violence (Women's House Tochigi)

  23. AV victim consultation and support practice (NPO Support and Education Center for Women's Safety and Health)

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