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Consumer damage

Pornography causes harm not only during its production and distribution, but also in the homes, workplaces and online worlds where it is consumed, or as a result of consuming pornography.

The imposition of pornography at home, at work and online

Pornography abuse also occurs in familiar areas such as the home and workplace. Various surveys on domestic violence reveal that a significant proportion of cases are reported in which intimate relationships such as spouses or lovers are forced to watch pornography or engage in acts depicted in pornography.

Furthermore, some men believe that the sex depicted in adult videos is normal, and may treat women's bodies and genitals roughly, insult their partners, or force them into oral or anal sex. In particular, recent adult videos often depict women squirting when they reach sexual climax, and in some cases, the rough touching of the vaginal walls with fingers or tools can cause severe pain, bleeding, or vaginitis.

Sexual harassment in the workplace also shows some of the damage caused by pornography. For example, nude calendars are posted in the workplace, or pornographic magazines are placed in visible places. Or, pornographic remarks are frequently made in the workplace. This has been recognized in recent years as a type of environmental sexual harassment and is moving towards elimination, but at the same time, it is also a type of damage caused by pornography.

There have also been many reported cases of sexual abuse of children, including showing pornography to children, taking pictures of children naked, or having children take pictures and send them. In addition, showing child pornography to children is also used to induce children to have sexual relations with adults.

In today's internet society, the damage caused by the imposition of pornography also occurs in the form of one-sided sending of pornographic images to others via email, LINE, Twitter, Facebook, etc. In particular, there have been recent cases of harassment of well-known women by sending such sexual images to their Twitter or Facebook accounts. This is also a type of pornography damage.

Porn-induced sexual violence

There are many cases where people influenced by pornography imitate it and commit sexual crimes. In 2002, a boy was arrested in Fukushima for a serial rape case. The perpetrator had been watching rape porn videos since he was an elementary school student, and had begun to want to rape himself. He used porn videos as a reference to plan his crimes and actually raped more than a dozen women.

According to a survey conducted by a research institute of the National Police Agency, in a questionnaire survey of 553 suspects arrested for rape or indecent assault, 33.5% answered that "after watching adult videos, I wanted to try the same thing." If we limit the survey to minors, this percentage jumps to 49.2%.

If you look at newspaper articles, you will see that there are a lot of cases where the perpetrators themselves have stated that they were influenced by pornography. These cases are just the tip of the iceberg, and many sexual crimes are caused by pornography. Molestation pornography, rape pornography, and voyeur pornography are genres that are particularly prone to imitation.

Those who want to deny the existence of sexual violence caused by pornography want to say that people who already had such tendencies simply started to act in that way after watching pornography, and that pornography is merely a trigger, not a cause. It's as if some people are born sexual offenders and others are not, and this is a very unscientific argument. And even if such tendencies exist, it is clear that continued viewing of pornography can solidify and reinforce them, and become a powerful inducement to actual acts.

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