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Donations - Specific Commercial Transaction Law Notation


Governing body (distributor)

Organization for pornography and sexual exploitation survivors(PAPS)

General manager of operations

Kazuna Kanajiri, President of the board of directors



2-27-6-2F Mukougaoka, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Payment method

  • Credit card

  • Bank transfer

  • Japan Post Bank

Payment by credit card is made by Alipaiment and Stripe payment service. Payment information is encrypted by SSL to ensure security.

Amount of donations and membership fees

Shown per each donation and membership fee amount.
Prices shown include sales tax.

Fees required other than donation and membership fee


Defective product

Not applicable as it is a donation

Delivery time

Not applicable as it is a donation

Returns and cooling-off policy

Not applicable as it is a donation

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