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List of consultation organizations and contact points

List of counseling agencies other than PAPUS

Counseling centres for people under 18

□ Colabo (General Incorporated Association)

Support provided by women for teenage girls facing difficulties in life

Metropolitan Police Department: Young Telephone Corner

Free hotline consultation regarding various types of harm suffered by children

03-3580-4970 (Weekdays 8:30-20:00, Saturdays and Sundays 8:30-17:00)

Ministry of Justice: Children's Rights Hotline

Free hotline consultation regarding child abuse and other child rights issues
0120-007-110 (weekdays 8:30-17:15)

*This is effective for reporting, but is not suitable for consulting about harm caused by appearing in adult videos.

List of government reporting agencies

Metropolitan Police Department Sexual Crime Victim Hotline

03-3597-7830 (Monday to Friday 8:30 to 17:15)

Anonymous reporting hotline

Reporting child prostitution, production or display of child pornography, and child abuse
0120-007-110 (weekdays 8:30-17:15)

Cabinet Office: List of victim support consultation centers

Free telephone consultation service for various types of damage

03-3597-7830 (Monday to Friday 8:30 to 17:15)

National Police Agency: List of consultation hotlines for victims of sexual crimes

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