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Books related to the activities of PAPS

We contribute to, written, and helped publish various books related to the activities of PAPS.

*All the books are written in Japanese.


'Pornography Victims' Voices on Digital Sexual Assault and #MeToo
 PAPS (ed.)

Japanese society is extremely tolerant of pornography and erotic content, and the pornography lawsuits have brought to light some of the increasingly serious and under-aged pornography victims. The voices of the victims who have come to NPOs for self-healing and the voices of the counselors who are confronting them overlap, and the buried damage is being uncovered. How do we deal with the commercialization of sexual violence that has become a global industry via the Internet?

  • Publisher : Iwanami Shoten 

  • Price : ¥1,870

  • Release date : 5/17/2022

  • Book (softcover) : 224 pages

  • isbn-10 : 4000615319

  • isbn-13 : 978-4000615310

I will not be silenced: 30 perspectives on ending sexual violence
 Joint Publishing Editors , Kazuna Kaneshiri (Contributor)

Until now, victims of sexual violence have been silenced and isolated. In an effort to break the status quo, victims have begun to speak out about their experiences and feelings. This movement has become a huge swell that has led to various changes, such as #Metoo, flower demonstrations, and the revision of the Penal Code for Sexual Offenses.
In this report, the people who were at the center of #Metoo, as well as activists and researchers who have long supported victims of sexual violence on the front lines, summarize the current state of sexual violence, past movements, and future prospects.

  • Publisher : Godo Publishing (10/27/2021)

  • Release Date : 10/27/2021

  • Language : Japanese

  • Book : 143 pages

  • isbn-10 : 4772614710

  • isbn-13 : 978-4772614719


The Girls Who Were Forced to Perform in Pornographic Films
 Setsuko Miyamoto (Author)

You are scouted to be a model, you sign a contract, and when the time comes to shoot the scene, you find out it's a porno. When she went to the shooting site, she found that it was an adult film. Even though she complained that she did not want to do it, she was threatened with a penalty for breach of contract and that she would disclose it to her parents. The following is a report of the startling reality that came to light as we listened to and supported the voices of women who were "forced to appear in pornography.

  • Publisher : Chikuma Shobo (12/6/2016)

  • Release Date : 12/6/2016

  • Language : Japanese

  • New book : 237 pages

  • isbn-10 : 4480069348

  • isbn-13 : 978-4480069344

The Mori Art Museum Issue and the Expression of Sexual Violence
 PAPS (ed.)

Pornographic expression is protected by freedom of expression as "pornography has no victims." In reality, however, pornography victimization does occur. Focusing on sexually violent expressions in museums, this report examines "art" from the standpoint of women's and children's human rights and analyzes the damage caused by pornography. The long-awaited book on objections by citizens' groups, which has been featured in various newspapers! Published by Fuma Shobo

  • Publisher : Shinzansha (9/10/2013)

  • Release Date : Sep 10, 2013

  • Language: Japanese

  • Book : 176 pages

  • isbn-10 : 4797290757

  • isbn-13 : 978-4797290752


Women's Shelters and the Problems of Prostitution, Poverty, and Domestic Violence: Changes and New Developments in Women's Assistance
 Yachiyo Sudo , Setsuko Miyamoto (Author/Editor)

The Women's Shelter, originally established to rehabilitate and protect "prostitutes," has evolved with the times to take on the role of assisting victims of domestic violence. However, the number of residents is decreasing, and the significance of the institution's existence continues to be questioned. Why have women's shelters not been reconstructed to meet the needs of women in the midst of a confusing society, despite the need for such places? This is the first book to examine women's shelters from multiple perspectives, including approaches not only from welfare researchers and practitioners, but also from sociological and philosophical perspectives.

  • Publisher : Akashi Shoten (6/29/2013)

  • Release Date : 6/29/2013

  • Book : 356 pages

  • isbn-10 : 4750338370

  • isbn-13 : 978-4750338378

Testimony, Contemporary Sexual Violence and Pornography Victimization: from the Field of Research and Welfare
 PAPS (Editor)

This book analyzes pornography victimization as a background of sexual violence, combining cutting-edge research practices with testimonies from the victims and the welfare field, amid the current increase in sexual abuse and violence against children and women in our country and the large number of victims who have been admitted to social welfare facilities in Tokyo. The book also specifically discusses the possibilities of future damage prevention and victim support, and we believe that it will be a major step toward elucidating and overcoming contemporary sexual violence. (¥2000)

  • Book: 289 pages

  • Publisher: Tokyo Council of Social Welfare (2010/11)

  • isbn-10: 4863530676

  • ISBN-13: 978-4863530676

  • Release Date: 2010/11

  • Packing size: 20.8 x 14.8 x 2 cm

* You may also order these books by using the Pappus mail form, indicating your name and address, the title of the book you wish to order, and the number of copies. We will send you a money transfer form enclosed with your order, and you must transfer the prescribed amount of money using the form.

Pornography and Sexual Violence: In Search of New Legislation
 Hiroshi Nakazatomi (Author)

Pornography has proliferated with the spread of the Internet and is becoming increasingly common in ordinary media. How can we legally remedy the sexual harms caused directly or indirectly by pornography, which occur frequently in the background of calls for "freedom of expression"? This report examines the cases in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Publisher : Akashi Shoten (2007/4/1)

  • Release Date : Apr 1, 2007

  • Language: Japanese

  • Book : 241 pages

  • isbn-10 : 4750325244

  • isbn-13 : 978-4750325248

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