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Pappus consultation process

Many people feel anxious or nervous when they come to us for advice.

It takes courage to tell someone something you've never been able to talk about with them before.

We are grateful for that courage.

The first time you speak to us is called the "initial interview."

Here is a brief explanation of the process for your first interview.



Please contact us through the consultation service's email form or the consultation hotline ( 050-3177-5432 ) about the problem you are having or the thing you want to talk about . Once a counselor has confirmed your request, we will schedule a meeting to discuss your situation in more detail . (We are available on Sundays, holidays, and at night.)


If you would like to meet face-to-face, we rent a conference room at a public institution in Tokyo (such as a women's counseling center). If you live far away, please contact us.


Papus' consultation support is provided by two staff members who will listen to your story. Most of the staff members are female. (Papus also has male counselors. When a man comes to us for advice, we ask if he would be okay with a counselor of the opposite sex.)


The first interview will last about 1-2 hours. You can remain anonymous (using a nickname, etc.). If you find yourself feeling upset after recalling past memories during the interview, you can leave the room and take a break at any time.


While listening to your concerns, we clarify what you want to do most right now and what you want to solve. This is called determining your main complaint. Once your main complaint is decided, we will think about what you need to do to solve it and work together with you to solve it.


If you are really nervous about meeting the Pappus staff for the first time, it's okay to take a slightly roundabout route and talk to them on the phone. Talk to them on the phone and find out if you can trust them.


Consultations with Pappus are free of charge.
Pups' operating expenses are covered by donations from people who support the purpose of our activities.


The consultation support project for 2020-2021 is being run with the support of the Red Feather Community Welfare Fund.

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