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"I trusted the person I sent it to."

"It's my fault for sending it."

"I deserved it..."


No need to feel alone in such situation.

We have received consultations from people who

have sent sexual images to us.

We also receive consultation from those who are worried

about how their sexual images will be handled.


Are you a victim of revenge pornography?

Come and see us if you’re facing problems of digital sexual violence, such as revenge pornography!


Even if you agreed to be filmed with a mobile phone, please come and see us if that footage has been uploaded to a website against your wishes. Please consult PAPS even if other service providers have told you that the footage cannot be removed because it is hosted on an overseas website.

There are a huge number of pornographic video-sharing websites on the Internet, such as PornHub, X-VIDEO and FC2. PAPS has come to learn from people seeking assistance from us that these sites also host revenge pornography footage as well as child pornography.

Even when videos on these sites have been deleted through successful requests for their removal, afterwards the videos can continue to appear on the sites. Police tell us that they can’t launch investigations into the people uploading the footage, because the servers hosting the websites are located overseas, and so they cannot determine whether or not the footage has been uploaded from within Japan. But this passive stance will not solve the problem, and we need to make active efforts to identify the uploaders.

In consultation with victims seeking assistance, PAPS approaches overseas-based pornography video-sharing site businesses. We request they tell us whether or not the footage has been uploaded from within Japan. We then support victims to bring personal civil claims against uploaders, and, after pursuing a number of court cases and injunction orders against uploaders, we have managed to have their personal details disclosed.

Consultations are free. Please come and see us whenever you are unsure about something.

Be sure to take a screenshot of your "proof"!

Don't block the person on social networking sites or delete the DM communication. 
It's because the communication with the person will be lost. 
It is very important to "take proof."
It will be of great help to you. 

Please take pictures and screenshots and save the evidence as much as you can.

Acts that make you take, send, or threaten to send, what are the legal ramifications?

You will not be charged with a crime if you send sexually explicit images to certain people. 

If someone other than you publish them on the Internet, the other person will be charged with a crime. You retain the copyright to the images you take, even if they do not violate the law against revenge pornography.

it could be a sextortion.


Sexting is a compound word combining "sex" and "extortion".

A person with whom you have become friendly on a social networking site or the Internet offers to "send me naked pictures" or "let's exchange images of masturbation" to obtain personal information and sexual images and videos. Then they reveal their true nature and demand "give me money" or "send me more violent (sexual) pictures," and threaten to expose them on the Internet if they do not.

Even if you agree to their demands, they will continue to harass you with more demands and threats.
The solution to this problem requires the cooperation of experts and professional organizations.

If you are a victim of this crime, please do not keep it to yourself, but consult with us.

Reference: "Sextortion Damage Received by PAPS"

Are you a minor under 17 years old? (If you are under 18 years old)

Are you a minor under 17?


Are you in the picture before you turn 18?

If so, your sexually explicit image constitutes "child pornography".
It is a crime to ask a minor to "take" or "send" sexual images or videos.

There is a law called the Child Pornography Law. This law protects you.
(Official name: Act on Regulation and Punishment of Activities Relating to Child Prostitution and Child Pornography, and the Protection of Children)

You will not be charged with a crime even if you took the pictures yourself and sent them to the other party.
Please consult the police. 

For the protection of personal information, even if you consult with the police, the school will not know about it. 
If you are not comfortable going to the police, contact a support group. 

PAPS wants to help you. 


In addition to PAPS there are always other adults who can be your ally.

>>Find a counseling organization

Why is the consultation free?

PAPS is a non-profit organization that provides counseling and support for sexual exploitation and digital sexual violence. Staffing costs and other expenses are covered by public and private grants and other generous support from you.

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