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For women who are having trouble with night work or the sex industry

We at PAPS are a consultation service for people who belong to adult chat sites (DMM Acha, DX Live, FC2 Live) and have been involved in trouble or sexual violence.

It was said that it was an easy way to earn a high income, that your privacy would be protected, and your face would not be revealed, but we have received consultations from people who are in trouble because their live chat footage has been made public on Pornhub and X-VIDEO.


1. I was stalked by a live chat partner who knew my personal information. I have also received consultations from people who have been asked to do sexually abusive acts and suffered emotional trauma.


2. When I tried to quit adult chat, I was threatened with telling my family and friends that I was using adult chat.


Even if you think it's okay to ask for advice on something like this, please don't keep it to yourself and contact PAPS for advice. There are various ways to delete the images and videos that have been spread, and to quit your job peacefully.

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