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Consultation service for AV actresses and models

We at PAPS are a consultation service for people who work in AV production companies.

On the homepage of AV production companies, they say that everyone starts with no experience. They say they are major players in the industry, and that they are safe and secure. They also say that they have "fully implemented alibi measures and countermeasures against being found out" and that they are "not a malicious production company."

However, PAPS receives many consultations from people who trusted a production company that was described as a major one in the industry and joined, but are now in trouble after being found out, or who are worried that their personal information (university attendance, previous company, hometown) will be used without their permission in the title of a video and that their school or family will find out.

The videos that are filmed are not distributed to members. Free previews are distributed, and they can be downloaded for free on overseas sites, so there is no end to the inquiries from people who have been exposed and are in trouble.

Sometimes production doesn't protect you.

If that happens, please don't give up and consult PAPS.

We hope to work together to think about how to rebuild lives, stop sales, and delete videos that have spread online, including the latest methods.

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