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Leaflet information and delivery method

Currently, there is a steady stream of "scouts" targeting junior and senior high school students on the street or via social media, encouraging them to appear in adult videos. The perpetrators take advantage of their dreams and hopes, gradually creating an insidious environment from which they cannot escape.

Many of the people who seek advice are unable to talk to their parents, teachers, or friends in such situations, and suffer both physically and mentally in silence.

Therefore, we are also conducting awareness-raising activities to let many young people know the reality of sexual assault that occurs under the guise of entertainment scouting.

As part of this effort, PAPPS has created leaflets and is distributing them to junior and senior high schools, as well as public facilities such as medical facilities, within Tokyo.

To help us spread the word to those around you, please request and we will send you the A6-sized leaflet shown on the left.

You can apply by clicking the button below , or by phone or QR code . The application method is described below.

Delivery to education and medical professionals is free of charge .

For the general public, we ask that you only pay the shipping fee. (Example: 100 copies for 360 yen and up, other prices are negotiable)

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If you would like to receive a leaflet by phone , please let us know the address, name, and number of copies over the phone.

Click here to apply using the QR code

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