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There are girls who don't know if they can ask for a "Help" on these matters.

We are waiting for you to support us with donations.

NPO PAPS is engaged in various activities to achieve a society free from sexual exploitation.

Sexual exploitation is the exploitation of a person's vulnerable position, power, or trust with another person for sexual purposes. Sexual exploitation also includes the exploitation of a person for financial, social, or political gain.

The girls are think that they are the ones that are responsible for their own actions, so they cannot ask for help, and they do not know how to ask for help.

Some of them cannot really put in words the situation they are in or they hurt themselves, but they are asking for help.

Are we aware of this?

We want to think together about what we can do for these women who are spilling out of the existing system.

We would like to work together to create a society where girls who are sexually exploited can recover from the damage and feel that they are not alone, so that they can live without being victims of child prostitution and child pornography.

In order to eliminate sexual exploitation, we provide nighttime patrols in downtown areas, 24-hour hotline, a place to stay (Hitsuji Café), a short-term accommodation shelter for women (Hitsuji House), and counseling and support services.

Compared to other countries, Japan is a society that is very tolerant of child prostitution and child pornography. In fact, we have observed cases where the police catch child prostitutes without holding a trial or imposing criminal penalties. The current situation is that the first offense results in a fine or probation.

Since it is difficult to connect with girls who are truly in need by simply waiting for consultation, we began outreach in Shinjuku Kabuki-cho in April 2021 and have reached out to 4,281 girls per year in the last fiscal year, connecting them with protection and support.

The girls after running away from home to Live


The girls we meet in the downtown area have various difficulties in living, but they arrive downtown to live.

Domestic abuse, bullying, sexual abuse, wrist cutting, Overdose...

One girl was 10 years old. I asked her, "Did anyone else come and talk to you besides us?" When I asked her, she said, "A middle-aged man which I don't know approached me, but I was scared."

What the girls we connect with have in common is that "criminals (child prostitutes) are calling out to them before us.

Those criminals never miss the moment when the girls no longer see hope in society.

That is why we go to speak to the girls and make a connection with them.

We will go to each and every girl in the midst of days full of danger, until they decide that they want to get out of the situation where they have no choice but to sell their sexuality.

Of course, we will continue to be there for them beyond that.

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The girls who connected to us

The girls who seek a help to us are those who are continuously denied by their parents and want to die, those who have no home to live in, those who have run away from parental violence, those who are not at peace at home and seek a place to settle down, and young carers who take care of sick family members.

A place to run to for girls who cannot rely on their parents and have no adults around them to rely on. And,

A little "peace of mind".

With this in mind, we operate a place to stay in the downtown area.

Having a situation where you feel safe and are not in denial allows you to think about tomorrow.

As we build trust with the girls, they can begin to think together about alternative lives other than selling sex,

When the girls want to, we also support them in their new lives by utilizing existing systems and other resources.


After getting out of from the dangerous downtown area


Even after they get out of the situation where they are forced to sell their sexuality, various difficulties await them. At that time, if they do not have someone they can rely on, they will come back to the downtown area again.

We do not deny them, but ask, "What did you do last week?" or we tell them, "You've been working hard" , "You're great person" and we thank them for reconnecting with us.

It is important to stay involved with these girls over the long term in order to help them recover from the loss of their dignity.

We would like to continue this activity in order to help women who have difficulty in living.

We would like to ask you to help us to realize a society where girls with various difficulties do not suffer from sexual exploitation (sexual violence) through your warm donation.


With your support starting at ¥1,000/month,
you can help protect our girls!

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Amazon Wishlist

We have made a list of items needed such as food, snacks, clothing, hygiene items, sanitary items, etc. We value the voices of girls who say, "I want these things," or "It would be helpful if I had them. We see firsthand the poverty of menstruation, such as "I can't afford sanitary napkins." A safe place to rest, and the experience of being cared for will help these girls.


Protect Girls from a bitter cold by Making a "One-Time Donation"

We are operating an outreach and providing a place to stay (café). The number of young people suffering from abuse, sexual abuse, and other difficulties is increasing rapidly, and we are short of funds for our activities.

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Support victims of digital sexual abuse by making a "Sustaining Donation"

In 2020, there were 281 cases; in 2021, 643 cases; and in 2022, 1208 cases. Many consultations are received from junior high and high school students, and the younger age of victims is serious. PAPS is the only non-profit organization in Japan that provides support for victims of digital sexual abuse. We ask for your help in maintaining our support activities for victims.

The society has taken up this issue with us.

Government Witness

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The 57th Social Contributor Award was presented to the NPO PAPS for its activities.

Media Coverage


November 4, 2021
Featured on NHK Close-Up Today+.

Join us in putting an end to sexual exploitation.

Your support will be used primarily to operate a 24-hour hotline, outreach, and whereabouts support for victims. Through our support activities, we will shed light on the dark side of sexual exploitation in Japan and break the cycle of sexual exploitation.
We invite you to join us in our efforts to protect girls.

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You can withdraw or cancel your membership at any time.


Non-Profit Organization for pornography and sexual exploitation survivors
Kazuna Kanashiri, Chief Director

With your support, I see firsthand that society is now changing. We are now able to realize an approach to recovery that was never possible before.

However, there is also a problem that the number of people who engage in sexual exploitation is not decreasing at all.

We live in a time where "sex can be bought", and it has become entertainment. The sexual exploitation of women and children has become entrenched on a global scale, maintained and reinforced by the enormous revenues that sexual exploitation brings. Reversing it is extraordinary.

Sexual exploitation can be ended through your awareness and action.

Please join us in making history.

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