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Jane's Case

I responded to an advertisement for pornography actresses, but ended up being pushed into doing more than I expected, and had a frightening experience. I had ejaculate squirted into my eyes, and now I’m really worried that I’ve got an STD. I’ve got spotting, and my period has stopped. I’m worried about my health. After appearing in a pornographic film, I’m worried about my family finding out. I feel hopeless about the future, I don’t know how to go on living.

Jane consulted with PAPS, and now she feels confident refusing any further filming in the adult industry. She was able to have sales of her films stopped. Jane now sees a future for herself.

Mary's Case

I found out that footage of me having sex was being sold on a user upload pornography site. I requested the website owner delete the video, but was told they couldn’t take it down without giving the uploader my name and personal details. I did not know the person who uploaded my footage. They told me to consult a lawyer (even though I have no money). I really don’t know what to do.

N.B., The site Mary refers to is one where anyone can view uploaded videos, but the site allows for some videos to be uploaded on a pay-per-view basis.

N.B., Although we cannot concretely describe the contents of the videos, so that they remain unidentifiable, PAPS does receive frequent requests for consultation over this problem. It is a practice of revenge pornography to insist that names be disclosed to have videos removed from the sites. It can be the case that a film is uploaded in order to find out the name and personal details of the person filmed. Website owners profit from ignoring this fact, and their response to victims is therefore egregious. Regardless of whether these website owners are based in Japan or overseas, PAPS will act upon complaints if you come to us, and will petition the website owners and insist they delete footage.

Sue's Case

I was recruited by a scout to appear in pornography. At first the videos were regular adult entertainment scenes, but the sixth job I did was for a scary production company. They took me to a wasteland area, and 20 men ejaculated inside me. I was frightened and distressed. Every day I just wish I could disappear.

Kate's Case

I was recruited by a scout at a train station, and, before I knew it, I had signed up to appear in 12 pornography films. They were heavily marketed and sold openly, and, before long, my high school classmates found out. I talked to the producer about having them taken down, but he didn’t help me at all. The videos make it look like I participated in pornography willingly. They continue to be sold, and I just don’t know what to do.

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