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How to consult with PAPS and the process


Our consultation service is for those who are having problems with revenge pornography, sexual voyeurism, digital sexual violence through gravure or nude filming, and those who are involved in the adult video industry or sex industry. We work together with you to negotiate with operators regarding filming, money problems, suspension of video sales, removal of videos, and so on.
We are here to help you so even if you think "Is it really OK to ask for help?" please do not hesitate to contact us.

Consultation Methods

  • PAPS is a donation and grant funded organization. We do not charge consultation fees.

  • We offer consultations by phone or email.

  • Telephone consultation number is: 050-3177-5432

  • We cannot take calls from blocked numbers. In principle, we do not return calls.

  • Since there is only one phone line, we may not be able to answer if other consultations are being handled.

  • If for some reason you cannot reach us, it is more reliable to contact us by e-mail.

  • Please click here for our privacy policy. 

  • If you want to contact us other than consultation, please contact "Inquiries" or .

Consultation process

  • For a detailed consultation process, please click here.

Email Consultation

[Notice from PAPS]
PAPS' consultation service (free of charge) is funded by donations and grants from individuals and companies that support this activity.

In FY2023, the continuation of consultation support is in jeopardy due to a sudden increase in consultations and disruptions to activities.
The consultations we receive are verified by our specialized consultants before we respond to them. Since we operate the consultation service with a limited number of staff, you may have to wait for a reply. Please wait as we will definitely contact you. (February 5, 2024)

Please note that all fields marked with [*] are required.

After you click the "Submit" button, an auto-reply e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you entered.

* If you do not receive an auto-reply e-mail, your e-mail address may be incorrect, or if you are using a cell phone, you may have set up a domain to receive such e-mails.

* We have received several reports that those with an email address of did not receive an auto-reply email. In that case, please send to or contact us from another e-mail address.

Why is the consultation free?

PAPS is a non-profit organization that provides counseling and support for sexual exploitation and digital sexual violence. Staffing costs and other expenses are covered by public and private grants and other generous support from you.

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