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To those who are in trouble because they can't repay their debts even if they work in the sex industry

For Pappus,

  • "A scout introduced me to night work to quickly repay my debts, saying that the pay was high and I'd be able to pay it off in a week or two, so I worked in adult entertainment establishments in Tobita Shinchi and Yoshiwara, but the work I did wasn't what I expected."

  • "I tried working but I didn't earn as much as I expected."

  • "Even if I try to quit the store, they won't let me quit until they introduce me to someone to replace them."

We receive consultations such as the above. At Pappus, we provide consultations to people who work at night and are worried about debt. Some people say things like, "I can't do a regular job, so I work in adult entertainment and adult entertainment stores," or "When I'm alone and think about money, I feel like disappearing."

I can really sympathize with the feelings of those who are cornered by debt repayment and feel that they have no choice but to work in the sex industry.

You don't have to work in the sex industry to pay off your debts.


There are various systems in place for those who are unable to repay the money.

Pappus' consultations are free of charge (we are run by donations). Please don't bear it all on your own, come and join us in getting your life back. If you need advice on debt consolidation (how to reduce your debt), we can introduce you to a judicial scrivener or lawyer.

Reducing debt does not mean filing for bankruptcy










Consultation process

Woman reads message on cellphone at street

① Please contact us by phone , inquiry form , or email . After that, we will arrange a date that is convenient for you and our staff to meet. We are available on Sundays, holidays, and at night.

② Two staff members will listen to the client's story. Most of the time, the staff will be female, but since Pappus also has male staff, when meeting with a female client, we will ask whether she would mind being spoken to by a male supporter.

③ The event will be held in a rented conference room at a public institution (women's counseling center) in Tokyo.

④ If you are unable to come to Tokyo for some reason, we will arrange an interview location and staff according to the circumstances.

⑤ The consultation will last about 1-2 hours. You can leave at any time.

⑥ We will listen to what you want to discuss. It is okay if you have not yet properly organized what you want to say. As you talk in your own words, you may gradually come to understand "this is what I wanted to say."

⑦ It is okay to remain anonymous during the first interview. If you choose to remain anonymous, we will ask you for a nickname.

⑧ We will spend an hour or two talking with you to clarify what you want to do most right now and what you want to solve. This is called determining your main complaint. Once your main complaint is decided, we will work together with you to think about what you can do to solve it.

⑨ If you are really nervous about meeting the Pappus staff for the first time, we are happy to take a slightly roundabout route and discuss your concerns over the phone. Talk to us over the phone and find out if you can trust us.

⑩ Our operating costs are covered by donations from many people, so consultations are free of charge.

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