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I want to remove my sexual images and videos

About sexually explicit images and videos that were illegally uploaded and disseminated. A consultant asked us, "It is mentally painful to search the Internet and find images and videos by myself. Can you do something about it?" Many of them asked, "Can you do something about it?

As a cooperative consultation support business, PAPS has begun to provide consultation support to those who have been involved in pornography, by searching for illegally uploaded images and videos on the Internet and requesting their deletion. Initially, this was done on an unpaid volunteer basis, but it was excessively stressful to continue searching for and requesting the removal of sexually explicit images and video records. I gradually realized that it was not a job that I could continue as an unpaid volunteer.

We are in the process of seeking to create a system that will allow us to continue "requesting deletion of sexual image records" as a new form of social work, and that will be less burdensome for those who consult with us. The grant will allow us to make deletion requests on a free, non-profit basis. After the grant is over, we hope to raise donations and otherwise manage to keep the deletion requests going.

*PAPS is a non-profit organization and does not receive any money (i.e. no compensation).

If PAPS cannot find the contact information to request removal after investigating, we may ask a professional investigation company to do so. We may ask you to bear the cost of the investigation, but we will explain this to you in advance and obtain your approval before proceeding. For more information, please contact us via the PAPS inquiry form, e-mail:, or phone: 050-3186-4119 (PAPS office phone).

Digital sexual assault victim support center

The Digital Sexual Assault Victim Support Center, operated by Pappus, provides information on its website for victims of digital sexual assault on how to request the removal of sexual image records that have been spread. We hope you will also make use of the information posted here.

Support for adult site operators

PAPS requests the removal of portraits and other images that have been illegally uploaded at the request of the consultant. We would appreciate it if adult website operators would comply with the removal request from a humanitarian perspective. The e-mail address used for the removal request is

If you do not respond to the removal request repeatedly, PAPS will take various measures.

  • We will take steps to prevent the site from being displayed by search engines.

  • We will request the hosting company to take measures to prevent the transmission of infringing information in accordance with the Provider Liability Limitation Law.

  • For malicious cases, we consult with our consultants and request lawyers to file a lawsuit against the sender (poster) after obtaining a preliminary injunction demanding disclosure of the sender's information. 

Why is the consultation free?

PAPS is a non-profit organization that provides counseling and support for sexual exploitation and digital sexual violence. Staffing costs and other expenses are covered by public and private grants and other generous support from you.

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