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Mail Magazine Vol: 142 “Announcement of Distribution of Activity Reports”

Hello, It's Kazuna Kanajiri from PAPS.

I hope everyone is doing well.

We have just released the “PAPS 2022-2023 Activity Report,” which we had previously distributed to those who requested it, so that you can read it on our website

I hope you'll fine a moment to read it.

The number of new clients received by PAPS increased dramatically from 643 in FY2021, 1208 in FY2022, and 1867 in FY2023, which has kept the counseling and support system very busy. On the other hand, there were people who persistently repeated baseless slander and attacks on PAPS on social media, YouTube, etc., with the aim of undermining the credibility of PAPS. It was a time when it became difficult to secure personnel expenses.

As for the appearance of people who slander and attack, we would like to inform you of a research report that shows that there are people and organizations in Japan and abroad who suffer from the same kind of damage as PAPS.

This is a research report by EU DisinfoLab called “Monetizing Misogyny” (Monetizing Misogyny). The EU DisinfoLab is an independent, non-profit organization that gathers knowledge and expertise on disinformation in Europe, which is the deliberate spread of false information through the media in order to discredit a state, company, organization, or person. The study analyzed the vast amount of egregious social media posting patterns and motivations of women leaders and intellectuals in the European Union over a two-year period, and found that a variety of slanderous and defamatory statements were strategically and deliberately planted to silence political opponents.

Although this is a global symptom, it is important to note that the damage caused by the series of attacks on PAPS is not limited to social media.

There have been actual encounters with danger, such as harassing phone calls to consultation calls being handled by counselors, and staff members being tangled up in false accusations on the street during the course of business operations. All of our hard-working staff members have experienced extremely painful experiences, and we have seen them complain with tearful eyes.

In particular, when they are directly slandered, they want to do their work positively, but on the contrary, a sense of helplessness floods their minds. This has caused many of our staff members to experience physical and mental suffering.

As if to rub salt in the wound, our financial situation did not improve and worsened from October onward, making it difficult to carry out the project itself.

We made every possible effort to solicit emergency donations, and thanks to the generosity of many people, we were able to pull through in a timely manner.

Fortunately, we were able to obtain a loan from the Japan Finance Corporation and were able to continue our consultation and support services, but we also had to choose to terminate the employment contracts of several of our talented fixed-term contract staff in order to further continue our business.

Despite the concerted efforts of the staff and all concerned to overcome this frustrating and difficult situation, the effects of the slanderous accusations have no end, resulting in very serious consequences for the activity itself and the mental and physical condition of the staff.

In our opinion, the opportunity for slander and defamation was particularly triggered by the fact that PAPS was able to become involved in the enforcement of the “AV Appearance Damage Prevention and Relief Law” in June 2022, as a step toward getting to the core of the issue of sexual exploitation. We analyzed that this was a time when media coverage led to an increase in slander and attacks through various means.

The Japanese sexual exploitation industry is thriving on a very large scale internationally, generating huge profits.

There are a wide range of individuals and organizations that rely on sexual exploitation, including victims of pornography and host club business. This has led to deep-seated resistance and attacks of slander and libel.

Imagine being forced to deal with this situation, which still continues to this day without end.

On the other hand, although we went through very difficult years, we were able to expand our activities and meet many people we had never met before, especially with the members of the Diet of the ruling and opposition parties, and we were able to challenge various difficult issues related to sexual exploitation that society as a whole had turned a blind eye to until now. We were also able to challenge difficult issues related to sexual exploitation that society as a whole has been turning a blind eye to.

In this report, we have documented the difficulties that PAPS has experienced and our efforts to overcome despair in search of hope.

We hope you will read it and give us your further support.

[Urgent Call] Please support the activities of PAPS [Donation Request]

▼Send your support from “Amazon Wish List”

  • We have made a list of things we need such as food, snacks, clothes, hygiene products, sanitary products, etc.

  • We value the voices of girls who say, “I want these things” or “It would be helpful if I had these things.

  • A safe place to rest, a safe place to rest, and the experience of being cared for will help these girls.

Please support us through the following links:

▼ Make a “One-Time Donation” and protect the girls who come to downtown at night

  • Our café is subsidized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

  • However, the number of young people suffering from abuse, sexual abuse, and other difficulties is increasing rapidly, and we do not have enough money to pay for our activities.

  • We are also worried about how to respond to slander and obstruction of our activities.

▼Support victims of digital sexual abuse by making a “Sustaining Donation”.

  • The number of sexual violence victim consultations to PAPS's consultation service is also increasing rapidly.

  • The number of consultations is expected to reach 2,000 in 2023.

  • The number of cases is expected to reach 2,000 in 2023.

  • PAPS is the only non-profit organization in Japan that provides support for victims of digital sexual abuse.

  • We are the only non-profit organization in Japan that provides support to victims of digital sexual abuse.

Please help us maintain our support activities for victims:



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