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PAPS is a non-profit organization whose mission is to "End to sexual exploitation."
Consultation support for problems encountered in digital sexual violence, the AV industry, the sex industry, etc.
Activities to delete sexual images that have been spread against the person's will;
We carry out outreach activities, advocacy activities, and public relations/awareness activities.

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I'm having a problem/I want to consult (It is Confidential and Anonymous, Free consultation)
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Trouble in the  pornography or sex industry

Adult videos,
Sex industry


Revenge porn,
Sexual Voyeurism

Trouble in the  pornography or sex industry

I was consulted about the damage from someone close (friends or family)


I want to delete
the sexual images/videos of myself on the internet

Trouble in the  pornography or sex industry

Should I consult?
For those who are lost

​What is the social problem caused by "Sexual Exploitation" that PAPS is tackling? ​

PAPS is committed to the mission of "Putting an End to Sexual Exploitation".
Sexual exploitation is the violation of one's own sexual consent and deprivation of control for the benefit of others.

Specifically, it includes sexual voyeurism and dissemination, revenge pornography, online grooming, sextortion (sexual blackmail), and digital sexual violence such as photogravure and nudity against the will. Others refer to problems related to the adult video (AV) industry and problems related to the sex industry.

The reality of sexual exploitation as revealed by the consultations we receive at PAPS.
We continue to investigate this issue, communicate it to society at large, and work to seek solutions to social problems.


Through your support, we bring recovery to those caught up in sexual exploitation.
Your support will go a long way in solving the problem of sexual exploitation.


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