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For those who don't have the courage to ask for help

We want to take care of your feelings.
You have had more than enough to worry about on your own.
From now on, why don't we think about it together?

We have met many people who have been affected.
They have hesitated to ask for help, and it took courage for them to take the first step.

These are the voices of those who have been caught up in sexual exploitation, and those who have almost been caught up in it.
Please listen to their voices.

* Modifications have been made to prevent identification based on interviews with victims, etc.


In May 2017, a man was arrested by Osaka police after calling out on a scam website for "cosplay models wanted" and getting over 200 women to appear in adult videos. The criminal obtained 140 million yen in illicit profits through a series of crimes. ......


I have a picture in my hand. In the framed picture, I am wearing my high school uniform and holding my diploma, smiling awkwardly. My mother is smiling proudly beside me.......


The guy who says, "Let's just put your name and address here. The man took a document out of his Gucci bag and held it out to me. His tone was very light.......

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